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Welcome to my stock site! Here is the latest news:

Update 3-09-06
This is the final update of the quarter. I tweaked a few minor things in the site. The most noteable fix is that now all the numbers are formatted in a consistent manner. I deliberately chose to keep the history page as it is. I did not want to put an internal scroll bar in my page because I personally dislike them. The main reason I dislike the scroll bars on the page is because the scroll wheel on the mouse only works if you are over the section that can scroll, which is very inconvenient.

Update 3-05-06
The find company page is now functional! If you don't know the symbol for your favorite company, don't sweat. Simply type the name of the company (or part of it) into the textbox and click quote. If you didn't input a correct symbol, you will be redirected to a page that lists possible company matches.

Update 2-28-06
The site now gives real data! If you enter a symbol in the textbox on the side bar, you will be sent to a page showing the latest stock information for that symbol. You can then view the history by clicking the on that page. If you enter an invalid symbol, you will be redirected to the a page that will eventually let you search for the desired symbol. Sorry, that's not quite working yet.

Update 2-23-06
The site is entirely php now. I also added functionality to the forms so when you submit a symbol, it is transfered to the correct page. To see this in action, enter a symbol (or any string) into the input box on the side bar. You can also click "Stock Quote" or "Stock History" to be taken to a page where you can enter the symbol. The symbol is then displayed in parenthesis next to the "Company Name" (i.e. Microsoft Corporation).

Update sometime before 2-23-06
The schedule for the rest of the quarter has been announced. The PHP functionality will be added by the evening of 2-23-06. MySQL Data Access will be added by the evening of 03-02-06. The Find Symbol page will be functional and the website will be "complete" by 03-09-06.